Europe’s largest fetish club, Torture Garden of London UK, is coming May 2013 Long Weekend!. Teamed up with Toronto’s leading fetish event, ‘subspace’, our city will join Moscow, Athens, Rome, and Tokyo, among other world cities, where TG has hosted major events. Described as “legendary” by Time Out magazine, TG draws numerous fans to a liberating celebration of sexuality, diversity, and creativity. BDSM/Fetish, Body Art / Modification/and Ritual, Performance Art, Fashion, Industrial / Techno / Atmospheric Music, and Multimedia, all part of the fabric of the TG experience. Marilyn Manson, Dita von Teese and Jean-Paul Gautier, have all been to Torture Garden nights. Toronto welcomes you to the Torture Garden Experience, May Long Weekend! The Opera House.

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Why Torture Garden and TG?

The Torture Garden is named in honor of a novel by Octave Mirbeau, whose story happened in a Chinese Garden of Torture. The name was chosen by the sound exotic and mysterious images attached to it than the novel itself.
From the beginning, the name was shortened Torture Garden to TG for the simple reason of being smaller and not scare the bank manager! But it also makes reference to the seminal industrial rock band Throbbing Gistle, founders of innovative projects like Psychic TV, Temple Ov Psychic Youth, Coil, Chris n Cosey etc.. And the TG logo was literally inspired by the back of a truck!


The first party took place at the Opera On The Green in London, but soon the TG circulated through various locations such as the legendary facility and Electrowerkz The Paradise Club (with its four floors), to celebrate his fourth birthday in the super club Ministry of Sound. Seeing your audience grow from 700 to over 1200 people, this period was the most creative and innovative club, with an explosion of talent. The fetish was now something “trendy” and was leaving the underground. Another important site where the TG Leisure Lounge happened was, immediately before moving to Mass, where it is located today. In 2002 and 2003 TG celebrated their birthdays at events for over 2500 people in the biggest house in London, Brixton Academy, and turned this celebration into an event that now lasts a whole weekend!

Acceptability of fetish

In the 80’s and early 90’s, Fetish and S / M were still taboo ideas that remained in the underground, and even wear latex to go to these clubs seemed a dangerous thing. With the growing awareness of the TG, sensational stories also appeared in British tabloids – which resulted in police intervention in such events between 91 and 93, causing the closure of several of them, and a shadow fell over the scene.
But with the huge amount of public parties at places like Ministry of Sound attracted, fetish fashion and creativity began to influence the mainstream, making it acceptable.
As English society began to open about sexuality in the late 90’s, the media also began to change their attitude to the fetish. To the tabloid TV channel Channel 4, the fetish then began to receive positive attention.
With the arrival of the new millennium, it seems that everyone knew someone who had gone to a fetish club and it became more acceptable. But even so, fetish clubs still believe that this is not something for everyone, as they are not places for anyone to enter.


The events of the multi-dimensional TG harboring a huge amount of open minded individuals, from young clubbers fashionistas to the more alternative audience, from fans of burlesque to the practitioners of SM. Here is something for everyone of all ages (18 to 60 above), of all sexual orientations and all genres. Create an environment that accepts and encourages individualism, diversity and free expression is our motto.
In the end, is the public that creates the energy and atmosphere of an event, and the public of TG is the most diverse, and modern fitted around the world. They did the TG be like it is.
There the public is the main star and everyone is a celebrity – and some of the most famous club goers include Marilyn Manson, Dita Von Tease, Jean Paul Gaultier, Boy George, Courtney Love and Marc Almond. Unfortunately, the singer Adam Ant could not enter because he was very badly dressed!

Concerts / Performances / Art

More than anything, TG became famous worldwide for their incredible performances and parades, is accepting artists extremes that nobody accepts, or discovering future talent. Dita Von Teese he made his first performance in the UK within the TG in 1999, and all the famous names of the scene have performed there. Among the designers are: Torture Garden Clothing, and garbs, Demask, House of Harlot, Conflict, Inner Sanctum, Murray & Vern, Manuel Albarran, So Hip It Hurts, HW Designs, Northbound Leather & Puimond.
In music, concerts with: Tiger Lillies, Avenue D, Death In June, Boyd Rice, Genitorturers, Test Dept, Minty, Lab 4, Flesh Fetish, Von Magnet, Discordinated, Noblesse Oblige & Dynamo’s Rhythm Aces.
Performances: Dita Von Teese, Archaea, Ron Athey, Franko B, Divine David, Lukas Zpira, Midori, Kumi, Marissa Carnesky, Masuimi Max, Porcelain Twinz, Suka Off, Psycho Cyborgs, Ryan Styles, Paloma, Scottee, Gawkagogo, Lucifire Stahe and Empress.
Exhibitions and art installations: Franko B, Trevor Brown, Araki, Romain Slocombe, Diane Harris.


TG is always evolving concept, without ever getting stuck in one kind of music and fashion. Just as our tastes change over time, so does the GT joining the fetish with any other sub-culture that we are connected at the moment. From the beginning, TG always wanted to be more than just the idea of ??a track / one type of music, and has a very diverse repertoire, with three or even six environments that ring from House to Electro Dance and Drum n Bass, of Trash and Glamour Disco Punk Electro Clash and up Booty Slut-core; Vegas Beats and Neo Swing to Lounge Exotica and Sleazy Rock n Roll, and even Eastern Rite & Experimental, film soundtracks, and atmospheric music in the “dungeon”.

Theme Parties

Many describe their first experiences in the TG as “into a different world.” Like a scene from a movie, a fantasy, as all you want. The parties are like the TG fantasies and play, and themes complete the experience, including dress-codes, decorations, music, performances and installations. Some of the themes were passed: “Crash,” “Animal Love”, “War,” “Circus Freak”, “Turning Japanese”, “Dreams of a Summer Night,” “Arabian Nights”, “Doctors,” “Uniform “” James Bond “,” Beach Party “,” Halloween, “” Masked Ball “,” Heaven and Hell, “” Jungle, “” Moulin Rouge “,” Carnival “and” Sex “!

Classic Moments

The TG has had so many magical moments in their history that each person lives a different experience within it. Some of the favorite moments of the festival include: the Crash themed party which had wrecked cars in the club and came very close to the intention of creating a movie set in it, the parade of the garbs and Ministry of Sound, where the models were loaded to up and down the catwalk through a pulley system, the performance artist Ron Athey at TG Leisure Lounge, which had to be stopped by security guards and a Spanish artist fainted in the front row, the suspension straight from Art Kor roof of Brixton Academy in front of 2500 people, or the celebration of Valentine’s Day themed Animal Love attracted a legion of Fursuiters – fetishists who dress stuffed animals.

Fetish Etiquette for Beginners

A fetish club is a place that encourages the exploration of the sexuality of each, but also has serious code of conduct. Touching someone without the permission of that person or any other form of harassment is strictly prohibited. In general, fetish clubs are safe places, friendly and a very relaxed atmosphere. They are places where men and especially women, can dress the way they want without fear of harassment.

Dress Code

The dress-code of the TG is designed to avoid limitations and encourage the imagination and diversity of each person. A modern fetish club is like a big fancy party, where the intention is more fantasy than simply wearing latex or leather. Many of the parts used in the TG are made by the patrons or even recycled second-hand items (such as clothing or uniforms theater). So if you can not buy something expensive made of leather, explore their personal fantasies and use your imagination, or even try to leave only with body paint! Keep one thing in mind: if your clothes are not for the traffic, do not bother coming to the Torture Garden. Remember that many bring their clothes into bags and exchange within the club.

Products TG

The TG produces its own line of art books and photography – Torture Garden Shocks Body & Body Probe to Cybersex – several CDs of their DJs, TG Cybersex Video, Torture Garden X DVD and T-shirts, which has worldwide distribution.

Torture Garden on tour

London is the capital of the world of fetish clubs Torture Garden and the largest and most famous style, the party became a popular object of export. With a small team that provides DJs, fashion and performance, the TG has done its own events (or participated as a guest) around the world, including Tokyo, Moscow, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, Paria, Rome, Berlin, Athens, Helsinki, Croatia, Fort Lauderdale, Amsterdam and Naples. The club has also traveled around the United Kingdom with events in Brighton, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Manchester and Milton Keynes up!

TG Productions / Agency Performance

As a result of the excellent reputation of the productions of TG, its spectacular shows and performances, theme parties, music, diverse and visually stunning, they have increasingly been contracted to produce other events and shows or provide performers for exhibitions, clubs, corporate parties, TV and movies. For this, the TG formed her own agency to handle this demand. Some of the work already undertaken by them are:

The main stage shows (40 minutes) and special acts of the Erotica Exhibition at Olympia in London (for more than 70 000 people in three days), the shows and performances of the Big Gay Out in Finsbury Park – including the fireworks show that closed the performance of the band Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The Fuel Show for Max Power Excel in London and also at the NEC Birmingham. Face Party at Truman Brewery, the Kerrang Awards at The Brewery, Opal Nera Halloween Party; Rubber Ball 2000 -2004 and the launch party for Bravo TV.

Besides all this, has also put his performers archaea Circus and Jane’s Addiction at the Brixton Academy; provided DJs, VJs and performers for the magazine Bizarre and her Circus tour of the Bizarre, and also other performers for Judge Dredd, Preaching to the Perverted, Graham Norton, The Bill, and several other films, TV and video clips.

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