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Add s stack back to dock

Add s stack back to dock

Name: Add s stack back to dock

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I tried getting it back by dragging the downloads folder from finder back on to the dock but it didnt put it back as a stack, instead it opens with a. 28 Mar You can add or remove items from the Dock, make it larger or smaller, or even hide it By default, the Dock comes with a Downloads stack. 23 Mar A stack is a Dock item that gives you fast access to a folder. the Fan stack expands showing the icons of the most recently added items closest to appears in the upper left of the Stack to go back to the folder you came from.

2 Apr Continuing our recent how-to focus on customizing the macOS Dock, in this article we're going to share with you a method for adding a recent. 11 Apr This quick trick adds a stack of recent documents to your Mac's Dock, so you can always find what you were working on a second ago, even if. The alias will behave like a folder, not a stack. This hint is for all the people who wants back their own nice icons in the dock. [robg adds.

if that is correct it is pretty easy to get it back: Open a Finder window and go to your user folder; In the user folder The folder icons in the Finder sidebar and Dock are only pointers to the original. Worth noting that if you want it to be like a freshly installed macOS, secondary click on the folder after adding. 18 Jan Last week, we began a two-part look at the macOS Dock with a launch the app, then teaching them how to add it back to the Dock. As an example of adding a folder to the Dock, we'll add the standard Documents folder. 2 Sep Apple was smart enough to include a folder containing recent downloads on your Geek Tip: Put Your Recent Downloads Back on the Dock. there you should find a folder called "downloads": just drag it on your dock right of the dotted line. If you want it back to normal, do exactly what Pitto said and then after it is back in the dock right click it and choose Stack (This will change it You have an option to "Add to Dock" (as well as an option to. 23 Mar You can also add your own favorite apps to the Dock. Icons in the Dock get out of the way when you add a new app. Screen shot courtesy of.