Torture Garden Seminars 2013

Saturday May 18th 2013

Seminars are $20 each or Free with VIP Ticket.

Director of Education: Morpheous
Assistant: elle


Welcome to Torture Garden Seminar Series 2013.

Torture Garden Toronto is known for it’s fun and innovative seminars, and this year is no exception. In addition to bringing you fun & spine tingling educational opportunities, these seminars will address some more standard and common forms of kinky play with a TG twist! Focused on mitigating risk, having fun and understanding the fundamentals of safety, each workshop will give you insight from entry-level to advanced play and beyond. These workshops are not to be missed and are guaranteed to send you home with some fun new tricks up your sleeve (or down your pants!)

1) 12:30 – Rope Bondage with Elwood

2) 2:00 – CBT with Lady Shayne

3) 3:30 – Leather with Tarna

LOCATION: The Great Hall (Upper Floor Seminar Room)
1087 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1H3
*Other events may be taking place in other areas so please dress casual.

1) ROPE; Elwood: 12:30 PM

Elwood has been lovin rope since as far back as he can remember, where at recess he would tie up cute girls to the goal post and the object of the game was to get out before the bell rang. He loved being late for class! Back in 2001ish, he was introduced to kinkville by Bernie Roehl, (a pillar in the local community) who showed him every aspect of the scene while making a project for school, after some time away, in 2009 he found his way back to the shiny lights of Kinktown. The GTA Rope social was the first non-munch event he attended and has never looked back! Since then, he has taken rope as a very serious hobby in a casual manner and has fused it together with his creativity & passion for all interests he has outside of rope. When a good (or bad )idea arises; you’ll often hear “Why are we not doing this right now?!” If the idea is a fun one, odds are Elwood will ensure it happens. He may not be the fastest rigger, or have the most beautiful knots because simply havin a good time is the key to everything he does. Elwood’s bondage has a next-level dehumanization and objectification flair to it.

The Class: Practical Rope Bondage from Beginner To The Extreme Nothing beats a good night full of screams and laughter.. Elwood proudly presents “how to turn your sexy rope bottom into a swiss army knife of fun and practical options you can do at home”, from the simplest to the more extreme. Come learn a couple practical ties you can do at home, with or without an ass hook and let your creativity flow! equipment: please bring 4-6 lengths of rope, preferably jute or hemp, but whatever you have will work, ass hook if you have one (and a drape + lube if you’re bringing an ass hook)

2) CBT; Lady Shayne: 2:00 PM Workshop name: Lady Shayne puts the T in CBT!

Description: come join our ball-torturing expert, Lady Shayne as she teaches her torturous and tantalizing way of CBT. This workshop will include extensive demos, some hands on work (BYOBalls) and a special finale you won’t want to miss. You do not need a partner to attend this workshop, but if you plan on participating in the hands-on work, please have someone to work with.

3) Leather; Tarna: 3:30 PM

Tarna is a queer feminine switch, book and cigar whore, foodie and sick f$%^ who has been eagerly exploring as much of what falls under the enormous BDSM umbrella that she can within the pan-sexual, queer and leather communities for most of her adult life. It was during these explorations that she stumbled upon what has become her greatest passion: bootblacking. She can often be found filthy with polish as she gleefully works on the latest pair of boots to land in her lap, or eagerly sharing what she has learned with the curious. Recent adventures have brought her the honours of being brought into Mama’s Family as Mama’s Canadian Tarna; and the titles of Bootblack Toronto 2012 and International Ms. Bootblack 2012.

Bootblacking: The Filth, the Friction and the Fun Is there anything leather-related you have always wondered about but have never been able to figure out? Are you curious to see how leather can be fun and sexy? Interested in taking bootblacking and leather care to a more service based level? Do you have a problem with a pair of boots/shoe or garment that you would like help navigating?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or have some of your own this is definitely the workshop/facilitated discussion for you. This is for the experienced and curious alike; with a focus on the fun, service oriented and sexy aspects of bootblacking, as well as the technical.

Equipment:If you have one, bring your kits, or items on which you have questions, and most importantly bring your imaginations and curiosity.

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