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Sad satan clone

Sad satan clone

Name: Sad satan clone

File size: 993mb

Language: English

Rating: 3/10



These screens ( of the game file images from the ZK clone seem to be incomplete - not showing all the images we. Sad Satan is a PC game built with the Terror Engine, first reported on the YouTube channel This version, dubbed the "clone" by most of the /r/sadsatan community, contained images of violent gore and some child pornography, some of. 7 Jul Doubt it I saw this earlier on Leddit creepy (i think) and he said "Have a taste of sad satan or something" So its probably a clone or something.

Forum > General Wiki Discussion board > Sad Satan? Where can I find this game ? The clone version, or the clean version? Loading editor. , July 16 Aug RECENT REVIEWS: Twin Peaks: The Return · -David Bowie: Five Years box set · -Revisiting Sad Satan's imagery · -The mystery surrounding. There's a subreddit all about Sad Satan. Click here to go to it. I don't recommend trying to get and play the original clone. All you're going to.

20 Sep Sad Satan was an event that occurred on June 25, , where five This was not the actual game, but, in fact, a clone made by the user. 12 Feb The game contained in the executable is now usually referred to as the “clone.” It looked like the Sad Satan depicted in Farrell's videos; indeed. 2 Jul Jamie is the owner of the YouTube channel Obscure Horror Corner, and one of his subscribers sent him a link to a game called Sad Satan. That was the hook for the earliest reports of Sad Satan — “A Horror Game Hidden in the Darkest Contact Sounds. Dedicated to my father. Published in issue 3. A clone of Sad Satan. A very, very bad clone of Sad Satan. Not in that it's a terrible game. No, it's bad in that it included quite a bit of illegal and damaging content.

30 May Below is the original description of Sad Satan, which was uploaded to This was not the actual game, but, in fact, a clone made by the user. 9 Aug So this malicious version of the game is known as the “clone” of Sad Satan, and OHC later said that he purposefully provided a fake link. Sad Satan (Video Game ) Trivia on IMDb: Cameos, Mistakes, Spoilers and However, when playing what is referred to as the "clone" version, the player. 23 Jul "Sad Satan" may have been a ploy to garner new fans, a way to infect for the very dangerous (and very illegal) "clone" version of the game?.

If you'd like to see someone playthrough the cloned version, Mutahar from SOG, plays through it and blurs out the gore and CP imagines but it. 5 Oct This is Sad Satan, what many are calling the “scariest video on the . is considered a clone, and Reddit users delivered the “clean clone.”. The Sad Satan game is one of the most terrifying internet mysteries this side of Mariana's web. But what is Sad Satan? The fact of the matter is. 21fde08a07c1cec i want to download and play sad satan T 20Z sadist anyone knows the link for darknet obscure game named ''sad.